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Restoration Exchange Omaha will join hundreds of nonprofits in the metro Wednesday, May 23, for Omaha Gives! 2018 – a 24-hour online day of giving powered by the Omaha Community Foundation. If you like the work we’re doing, we hope you’ll consider a donation. If you don’t want to wait until May 23, you can schedule your donation today – just click on the link below! We would be honored to have your support.

What others are saying

“What a great Restore Omaha Conference! I made so many good contacts, and the enthusiasm by all really lifts my spirits. There are so many good folks out there doing such good work. Thanks to you and the entire REO family.”

Bob Puschendorf, Associate Director/Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Nebraska State Historical Society


What others are saying

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did putting on the Restore Omaha Conference last weekend! I especially appreciated the opportunity to share the restoration work I am doing on the Mercer Park house. Thank you for giving people like me a platform to share our projects and restoration accomplishments. I am so thankful that an organization like Restoration Exchange Omaha exists in our community!”

Carrie Derrick

What others are saying

“Since attending the first ever Restore Omaha Conference in 2005, I was hooked. This group’s passion for educating our community on its built environment and history is simply invigorating!”

Nicole Malone, Associate AIA, LEED AP

What others are saying

“REO is not just the historic homes or commercial buildings. It’s the pride, the neighborhood, the history, the revitalizations and the strong sense of community awareness that evolves from our group’s efforts. It is in the goodness of our nature to preserve that which enriches our community, and it is in our tenacity which achieves positive results.”

Larry Jacobsen
Past President, REO
REO Advocacy Committee Member

What others are saying

“We are pleased to welcome Restoration Exchange Omaha to the National Trust’s Partners Network. Since organizing in July of 2013, this group has become Nebraska’s premiere private, nonprofit preservation organization. It is an effective, dynamic and positive voice for historic preservation in the city…”

Michael J. Smith, Director/CEO
State Historic Preservation Officer
Nebraska State Historical Society



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