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Education Committee

This committee organizes the Restore Omaha Conference, the Fall Neighborhood Tour, the Online Resource Directory and walking tours of the South 24th, North 24th and Vinton Street commercial areas. The committee meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at The Architectural Offices, 4610 Dodge St.

Committee Chair: Maureen Fitzgerald


  • Nicole Malone, Restore Omaha Chair
  • Trina Westman, 2016 Neighborhood Tour Chair
  • Vince Furlong, Walking Tour Chair
  • Bridget Vacha, Resource Directory Chair
  • Judy Alderman
  • Wayne Andersen
  • Matt Baker
  • Erika Collinsworth
  • Maureen Egermier
  • Chris Foster
  • Jenni Herchenbach
  • Jackie Hoyt
  • Martin Janousek
  • Nick Klimek
  • Norita Matt
  • Michelle Mutchler-Burns
  • Deb Peterson
  • Arethea Reames
  • Jessica Chavez Thompson
  • Melissa Nosel Urbieta

Advocacy Committee

This committee identifies properties to put on the National Register, brings attention to properties in danger, works with the City of Omaha to create policies that promote restoration and preservation of Omaha’s built environment and meets with developers and property owners to talk about real estate and funding tools available to save historic buildings. The committee meets monthly on the fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. at Joslyn Castle, 3902 Davenport St.

Committee Chair:David Thompson


  • Joshua Biggs
  • Arnie Breslow
  • Nick Buda
  • Claire Chamley
  • Brian Hansen
  • Larry Jacobsen
  • Tom Jizba
  • Caitlin Kolb
  • Meagan McColloch
  • Dan Olson
  • Mark Peters
  • Joe Saniuk
  • Adam Sitzmann
  • Rhonda Stuberg
  • Patrick Thompson
  • Linda Williams
  • Sara Houston

Invigoration Committee

This committee writes stories for the monthly e-newsletter, maintains the organization’s social media outlets, takes pictures, updates and organizes the annual Omaha Gives! and “Heart Bombing” events.

Committee Chair: Adam Andrews


  • Angela Brandt
  • Michael Campbell
  • Amanda DeBoer-Bartlett
  • Teresa Gleason
  • Nathan King
  • Davina Leezer
  • Frances Nefsky
  • Gary Rosenberg
  • Bill Stott
  • Mitch Treu
  • Kristin Webb

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