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RExchange: April 2017

From Car Washes to Candide: The Story of OutrSpaces

For Grace Kolbo, the physical transformation of 528 S. 24th Avenue became real the first time she heard a cellist play there. “It made me cry, and it made us feel like this place was always meant to be a performance venue,” she said. So how exactly do you turn a...

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Get Ready for Preservation Month

Do you know what April showers bring? A month's worth of activities to celebrate the 2017 edition of Historic Preservation Month. Join Restoration Exchange for any or all of the events listed below and share them with your family, friends and colleagues. Saturday, May...

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Get to Know PEN Architect

Did you know Restoration Exchange maintains an online resource directory to help you with your restoration needs? Organized by category, it contains listings for everything from architects to windows. Below, get to know PEN Architect. PEN Architect is an independent...

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Local Landmark Status Looms for Two 10th Street Mansions

Two 10th Street mansions are expected to become local landmarks in May, following unanimous approval earlier this month by the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission. Thanks to donors who responded during November's Giving Tuesday campaign, Restoration Exchange...

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Members Only Tour April 23

There are many reasons to become a Restoration Exchange member, and one of them is the free Members Only Tours! The next one is Sunday, April 23, at The Rose from 3:30 to 6:00pm. Behind-the-scenes tours are set for 3:30 and 4:45pm. Built in 1926 to resemble a Moorish...

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