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We win some, like the epic battle to save the Christian Specht building at 1110 Douglas Street.  The structure is locally land-marked. And, we lose some, like the  effort to save the Clarinda and Page Apartments, a classic representative of Omaha’s early luxury apartment buildings that developed along Omaha’s parks and boulevard system after the turn of the 20th century.

Above is the Dundee Bank in the Blackstone District. The building was most recently McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, and originally the White Rose service station, a contributing property of the Gold Coast District nomination for the National Register of Historic Places.

Your donation will truly impact our efforts to preserve the cultural and architectural treasures of our community.

Help Protect 18th & Howard & Other Endangered Properties

Recently, the Douglas County Commissioners voted to take, by eminent domain, a four-story, 1920 brick building, the McCaffrey, at 18th & Howard Streets. Their plan includes demolishing this property for a new structure to house a juvenile justice facility. The current owner is a preservationist dedicated to saving the building and converting the property into a mixed use facility with retail on the main level, and loft apartments above. Another historic downtown building leveled for hasty development. Sound familiar?

Your donation will truly impact our efforts to save this historic building and other endangered properties.

For Kids! Historic Neighborhood Tours

Our historical tours of urban neighborhoods is a great opportunity for children to learn about their neighborhoods, and the important historical and cultural buildings, places, and spaces all around them. This program is tailored for third-grade students in North and South Omaha with a curriculum based on Nebraska State Social Studies Standards.

Your donation will help us teach the children of our community about their historical heritage.

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