Saturday Conference March 2, 2019

Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus, 32nd and Sorensen Parkway, Center for Emerging Technology/Building 24

$40 Member Price. $50 General Admission

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Schedule of Events




10:15AM to 11:15AM – SESSION 1



1:15PM to 2:15PM – SESSION 2


2:45PM to 3:45PM – SESSION 3

3:45PM to 4:45PM – RESTORATION JAM!   


Preservation and Economic Development in Beatrice

Room 101    |    Presenter: Michael Sothan, Executive Director of Main Street Beatrice

Revitalizing a downtown main street is never easy. Main Street Beatrice’s Michael Sothan shares the challenges and how Beatrice overcame them and the community’s next steps to build on those success stories! 

10:15AM to 11:15AM – SESSION 1

Basics of a Good Commercial Rehab   

Room 101    |    Presenter: Sara André, Architectural Historian, Iowa State Historic Preservation Office.

Planning successful rehabilitation projects in a community’s downtown or commercial core can often result in a push-pull between different interests. This session will provide the tools to recognize the different components of the buildings in a community and how to apply the Standards for Rehabilitation. The session will also work through design strategies, technical considerations, and how to avoid a false sense of history by using case studies and a wide variety of images.

Documenting and Coordinating Preservation Work – A Tool for Architects   

Room 206    |    Presenters: Julie Cawby and Zach Soflin, BVH Architects

The Nebraska State Capitol is undergoing an eight-year phased interior restoration and HVAC improvement project. The effort includes a detailed survey of all 1,365 rooms and 1,191 windows and developing solutions for each, to conserve the historic fabric of the building. The scale and multiplicity of solutions for this project necessitated a different approach to the collection, coordination, and design of solutions. Julie and Zach will talk about developing a documentation tool, demonstrate its use in historic preservation practice, and discuss how Open-source is not only useful in developing tools like this one, but can become a model for how architects work and collaborate as an industry.

Beer Orientated Development   

Room 202    |    Presenter: Kristine Gerber, Editor, Nebraska Craft Beer 

Explore the history and economic impact of Nebraska craft beer. Kristine will review the early breweries that provided jobs and satisfied the thirst of working immigrants and then the craft brewery movement of today and how these breweries are transforming urban commercial centers and historic main streets across Nebraska.

Exterior Insulating and Air Sealing of Older Homes   

Room 204    |    Presenter: David Holtzclaw, Transduction Technologies

Learn how to properly insulate and air seal your home or office and how to avoid condensation in your walls and ice dams on your roof. This session will cover retrofit design, material selection and installation. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamental principles of enclosure design. 

Restoring Exteriors – Tips and Tricks   

Room 201    |    Presenters: David Lawrence and Steve Wilhelm, Lawrence Paint Co.

Learn exterior restoration methods by seeing the company’s work on the General Crook House in Omaha, the Burt County Museum in Tekamah, the May Museum in Fremont and the Griffith House in Red Oak. Learn the nine steps used in restoring wood in old houses.

How to Patch and Repair Damaged Interior Plaster   

Room 115A    |    Presenter: Dick Grace, Owner, Grace Plastering, Inc.

Plaster interior walls eventually require attention, with challenges involving cracks from settling, artwork hanging and moisture. Learn from Dick a few key details to bring plaster walls back to their historic glory.


NOON to 1:00PM – Keynote Speaker

The Secret of Savannah’s Success

Room 101    |    Presenter: Daniel Carey, President & CEO, Historic Savannah Foundation

For more than 60 years, Historic Savannah Foundation (HFS) has been the force behind saving buildings, places and stories that define Savannah’s past, present and future.  Daniel is currently leading the effort at the HFS and will share examples of their work and Savannah’s renaissance.

1:15PM to 2:15 PM – SESSION 2

Historic Tax Incentives; Keys to Successful Small Projects   

Room 101    |    Presenter: Shelley McCafferty, NHTC Outreach Coordinator, History Nebraska (SHPO)

This session will provide an overview of the tax incentives available to encourage the rehabilitation of historic buildings. The focus will be on planning for a successful rehabilitation project which implements one or more of these incentives, particularly for owners and developers of smaller, commercial buildings. Shelley will walk through the application process and look at examples of successful rehabilitation projects.

Repointing Masonry:  Assessment and Rehabilitation   

Room 201    |    Presenter: Ece Erdogmus, PhD, PE, Professor and Architectural Engineering Program Head at the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Ece will present a brief overview of the types of mortar used in early 20th Century buildings. She will provide a comparison of historic mortars with modern ones, and discuss studies published on the effects of repointing of mortar joints. She will also identify some best practices for repairing, maintaining and strengthening historic masonry.

Layered Significance: Rethinking the George W. Frank House

Room 202    |    Presenter: Will Stoutamire, Director, G.W. Frank Museum

Historic house museums are often guided by narrow and defined periods of significance, removing all signs of change and adaptation. But is that always the best approach? The George W. Frank House offers a case study for embracing change over time in our historic places that enrich our understanding of the past.

Cut | Fill: Mapping the Invisible Territorial Impacts of Nebraska’s Bricks   

Room 204    |    Presenter: Catherine De Almeida, Assistant Professor Landscape Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Known for its high-quality clays, Nebraska was once home to over 300 clay quarries and brick manufacturing plants, but only two remain active today. The state has actively participated in the construction of landscapes and buildings throughout the country. Its brick manufacturing sites are culturally significant artifacts of community and material production. Mapping these landscapes and their territorial impacts reveal both the accumulation of Nebraska’s subsurface as constructed brick surfaces in cultural destinations nationwide. The session also covers the potential for revitalizing landscapes of brick production as reactivated contributors to their surrounding communities. The case study Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, Canada will be featured.

Main Street and Small Business Marketing and Promotion  

Room 206    |    Presenter: Quentin Lueninghoener, Founder, Hanscom Park Studio

By starting small and building steadily, a small business can build a brand, marketing strategy and a following. Quentin will show examples of how the same approach has helped successfully save four historic buildings from demolition in Omaha and assisted business owners in growing their companies.

How to Patch & Repair Damaged Exterior Stucco   

Room 115A    |    Presenter: Dick Grace, Owner, Grace Plastering, Inc.

Stucco exterior walls eventually require attention, with challenges involving cracks, accidental damage and weathering. Join Dick to learn the proper way to restore stucco.


2:45PM to 3:45PM – SESSION 3

Where do we stick the thermometer??   

Room 101    |    Presenter: Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder

Ben grew up in Coleridge, a small town in Northeast Nebraska.  Ben’s summer jobs during college were based in construction in Lincoln, mainly pouring concrete.  Little did he know that construction experience would suit him well for many projects later in life. Erin grew up in Westport, New York, a small town located on Lake Champlain. She loves interior design and thrives on thinking outside the box. Learn how these two busy veterinarians and parents are transforming their town by rehabbing historic downtown buildings in Hartington, Nebraska. 

Restoring Interior Woodwork: Philosophy & Practice   

Room 115A    |    Presenter: Dave White, Owner, Aksarben Window Works

Dave will explore the high-minded and practical considerations of restoring stained woodwork.  Learn about the tools, tricks-of-the-trade, and best practices, with plenty of time for Q & A.  Attendees are strongly encouraged to ask questions during the session and Dave will review submitted pictures of attendees’ projects to put theory to practice with real-world examples.

Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital   

Room 202    |    Presenter: Dan Worth, AIA FATP and Adam Sitzmann, AAIA, BVH Architects

In 2018 the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte Hospital as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Dan and Adam will report on recent efforts by a collaborative partnership of the Omaha Tribe and the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, who formed an advisory committee comprised of tribal elders, Dr. Picotte descendants, community leaders, architects, and museum professionals. They are formulating a strategic plan, updating building condition assessment and identifying potential new uses.

Insulating and Air Sealing Basements and Crawl Spaces in Older Homes

Room 204    |    Presenter: David Holtzclaw, Transduction Technologies

Learn how to properly insulate and air seal your basement or crawl space and how to avoid moisture issues. Session will cover retrofit design, material selection and installation. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamental principles of enclosure design. 

Real Estate is the Name of the Game   

Room 206    |    Presenter: Daniel Carey, President & CEO, Historic Savannah Foundation

Historic Savannah’s mission is to preserve and protect Savannah’s heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement.  What is the secret to their success? Learn how a revolving fund can transform your preservation organization — and your community. 

Interior Restoration – Tips and Tricks   

Room 201    |    Presenter: David Lawrence and Steve Wilhelm, Lawrence Paint Co.

The education and motivation you need to tackle interior restoration projects. Learn the most effective and current techniques for restoring wood floors, removing paint, refinishing trim and restoring your old hardware. 

3:45PM to 4:45PM – RESTORATION JAM!  | ROOM 101

Take five minutes and share your restoration success story!

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